Startup Boston

Our First Week Was A Blast, Are You Ready for 2018?

SEPTEMBER 10th – 14th, 2018

Startup Boston is a free, five-day series of events celebrating, educating, and connecting Boston’s startup community. Whether you’re an aspiring founder, a leader at a growing company, or someone exploring opportunities to work with or at startups, Startup Boston has an event for you.

Last year (organized as “Boston Startup Week”) we held 52 events, with over 2,500 attendees. Speakers like Stefania Mallet (Cofounder & CEO of ezCater), Sean Lindsay (serial CTO, Founder of Eager Labs), Jules Pieri (Cofounder & CEO of The Grommet), Raj Aggarwal (Cofounder of Localytics), and Brian Halligan (Cofounder & CEO of HubSpot) were among our lineup of startup leaders & investors helping our community understand how to grow their teams, scale their tech, and build their businesses.

Don’t miss this year’s great sessions, and opportunities to connect with more of Boston’s startup community. See what events we have for you!