Startup Boston is an organization that organizes events for the community, by the community. We’re an all-volunteer team who want to see Boston’s startup scene continue to grow.

Stephanie Roulic - Founder & Lead Organizer

An enthusiast of the Boston startup community, Stephanie Roulic is a cofounder of, currently running customer success and community. Connect on LinkedIn.

Marketing Department

Christine Zimmerman - Head of Marketing

Through Christine’s experience marketing educational programs for adult career changers and aspiring high-school-aged entrepreneurs, she was struck by the community’s commitment to giving forward—celebrating and supporting the growth of all. Now a product marketer for EdTech company Curriculum Associates, Christine is grateful to stick close to her roots as part of the Startup Boston team. Connect on LinkedIn.

Jon Mahon - Designer

Jon is the CEO and founder of Six Foot Designs, a Boston-based startup offering graphic design and marketing services. He has worked for a number of startups in Philadelphia and Boston, and has a passion for entrepreneurship, graphic design and marketing. Six Foot Designs was the obvious next step. He loves movies/TV, traveling, enthusiastically rooting for Boston sports, and networking! Connect on LinkedIn. 

Christine Sweeney - Marketing Coordinator

Christine’s experience in content creation, digital strategy, and production management for the federal government has included leading communications and marketing efforts for high-profile government executives and intelligence agencies. She is excited to help advance the Boston startup community’s ethos of creativity, innovation, and collaboration.

Abbygail Yeomans - Social Media Manager

As a marketing co-op at MassChallenge, Abby is responsible for managing their social media channels and directly sourcing potential startups and managing MassChallenge’s. She is currently attending Northeastern University pursuing a BA in marketing and global social entrepreneurship and minoring in food systems sustainability, health, and equity. Connect on LinkedIn.

Steven Vilkas - Content Writer

Steven is a curious, artistic and analytical. He always wants to learn and experience everything that the world has to offer. Using his writing abilities, he hopes to craft narratives which properly treat the treasures he has come into contact with in a spirit of utmost appreciation. Connect on LinkedIn.

Programming Department

Kristine Ravenscroft - Leadership Team

Kris is excited to have been an integral part of the successful acquisition of her last endeavor and is now venturing out on her own as the CEO and founder of Beauty Gourmet, an edible beauty products company. Connect on LinkedIn

Allison Sproul

Allison is unapologetically obsessed with all things talent – acquisition, strategy, development, and operations. With over 6 years of recruiting and HR experience, Allison is currently the Head of Recruitment & HR at CozyKin, a startup in Boston addressing America’s early childcare shortage. Connect on LinkedIn.

Matt Twiford

Has been called a numbers whisperer, a financial guru, an expert in making it rain. Matt has focused primarily on finance for venture-backed SaaS and software startups. Connect on LinkedIn.

Andy Cohen

Andy studies soft robotics at Harvard for his PhD, and has led diverse teams developing tools for first responders, writing controls for autonomous vehicles, and more. He is also the Engineering Track lead for Startup Boston, and is leveraging his technical knowledge and entrepreneurial experiences to launch a career in robotics entrepreneurship. Connect on LinkedIn.

Paula Cohen

Paula Cohen comes with a background in social enterprise program and project management. She provides management and leadership experience to clients, so they can optimize their operational processes. Connect on LinkedIn

Christine Ferrusi Ross

Christine helps companies with market strategy, product/market fit analysis, marketing and go-to-market execution so they can successfully commercialize complex emerging technologies. Current work involves blockchain, digital identity, and cybersecurity. Connect on LinkedIn.

Shweta Agrawal

Shweta has a background in Project and Product Management. She is also very active in the Boston tech community. She has closely worked with various startups in roles ranging from skill development for young women, talks, interviews and career guidance. She looks to give back to the community in her free time. Connect on LinkedIn.

Brian Wolgast

Brian Wolgast works in business development, supporting Latham & Watkins’ Emerging Companies Practice. Prior, Brian worked with an Angel Investor and had internships with Birinyi Associates and Merrill Lynch while pursuing his Bachelor’s degree from Vanderbilt University. Connect on LinkedIn.

Miracle Olatunji

Miracle Olatunji is the founder of OpportuniMe, a startup that connects youth to personal and professional development opportunities and is the Director of Innovation at Thrive, an organization that empowers college students through financial literacy education and supports entrepreneurial ventures in financial technology and personal finance innovation.She also wrote “PURPOSE: How To Live and Lead With Impact.” Connect on LinkedIn.

Nathan Johnson, Ph. D.

Johnson is a Research Scientist in Bioinformatics and Data Science at Harvard Medical School and Dana Farber Cancer Institute.  His day job is to provide computational support and analysis for the Breast Tumor Immunology Lab at Dana Farber and Laboratory of Systems Pharmacology for sequencing and image analysis. His hope is to pursue a biotech startup in the area of sequencing diagnostics. Connect on LinkedIn.

Jon Ambrose

Jon is the co-founder and COO of Rosie, a leading ecommerce and customer engagement company focused on the US grocery industry. The company was a party of MassChallenge’s 2014 cohort. He also frequently mentors entrepreneurs and startups, helping them with finances, growth strategies and employee management. Connect on LinkedIn.

Event Experience & Operations Department

Daniela Field

Daniela has 10+ years of experience as a technology professional. She enjoys working with clients, understanding their business needs and offering solutions that move clients towards efficiency, productivity and profitability. She has delivered apps and technical solutions for various Fortune 500 companies as well as privately held organizations in the education, logistics, insurance and finance verticals. Connect on LinkedIn.

Partnerships & Outreach Department

Charles Ritchie - Outreach Coordinator

Charles Ritchie most recently established process and platforms for the Customer Success and Product teams at MarketMuse. Since graduating from Startup Institute in 2015, he has been an heavily involved in the Boston startup scene, and is excited to explore more opportunities to give back to it. Connect on LinkedIn.


Jay Neely

Jay is a digital maker / marketer, startup founder, and community builder, active in the Boston startup community for the past twelve years, and led programming during Startup Boston in 2018. Jay runs Boston Startups Guide, a community resource site dedicated to bringing more attention to Boston startups and resources for them. Jay is currently exploring opportunities to foster more media entrepreneurship in Boston. Connect on LinkedIn.

Zach Braiker

Zach creates growth and value by focusing on clarity & curiosity. As the CEO of refine+focus, a strategic marketing consultancy, he has crafted stories, built movements, and achieved business & impact goals of venture-backed startups, a head of state,  and Fortune 500 healthcare, media and tech enterprises around the world. He’s the founder of Curiouser, a recurring innovation event, and has a passion for mentoring, which he has applied to the United Nations Youth Fund, The Harry Potter Alliance,  and entrepreneurs + nonprofits seeking to make society better. Connect on LinkedIn.

Chris Sinclair

Chris Sinclair is the Founder and President of The Anthem Group – a collection of internationally recognized entities in the live entertainment, large-scale event production, experiential marketing, hospitality and placemaking industries, with activity in 70 markets across five continents. The Anthem Group is the parent organization of all Anthem-related properties. Among the marquee companies are, Anthem Production, Anthem Strategy, Anthem Innovation and Anthem Hospitality. Chris has actively or previously served as chair, board or committee member for 20+ additional NGO, philanthropic, academic and/or community-based organizations, as well as on for-profit boards.Connect on LinkedIn.