Our schedule is filled with opportunities to hear from some of the most experienced, successful startup folks in Boston, but we have a few events with some special opportunities for founders / startup talent to get advice specific to them.

Our Ask Me Anything events feature an expert in a particular area, and offer the opportunity for you to submit a question and be chosen to join them on stage to discuss it. Unlike typical audience Q&A, you have the opportunity for a real conversation, with a set amount of time allotted for you exclusively, so you can really dig in to the details of your situation, ask followups, and get the full benefit of a startup veteran’s experience.

The AMAs we have available are:

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to get advice from some of the most sought-after mentors and most successful talent in the Boston startup community. Register for the event with the “I’ll be there and I have a question!” option to be considered for selection.