Madeline Sisson on Supporting Boston Based Startups

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Madeline Sisson started her career at MathWorks as an Inside Sales Engineer, primarily managing accounts in the San Francisco Bay area, where she spent most of her day-to-day working with startups.
When provided with the opportunity to transition into the role of Startup Program Account Manager, she quickly accepted.
At MathWorks, Madeline currently works with startups directly, as well as collaborating through their partnership program – working alongside incubators and accelerators.

Nick Florek of Relish Works on the Food Tech Industry

Before joining Chicago-based startup Relish Works, Nick Florek spent six years working in strategy and innovation consulting. During his time there, he collaborated with colleagues on tough problems, challenging the status quo, and creating new things. He absolutely loved it.
When Relish Works was conceptualized, the professional relationships that he built during consulting provided him the opportunity to build something from scratch and to create a space where others could also build something.