Madeline Sisson on Supporting Boston Based Startups

boston startups mathworks
Madeline Sisson started her career at MathWorks as an Inside Sales Engineer, primarily managing accounts in the San Francisco Bay area, where she spent most of her day-to-day working with startups.
When provided with the opportunity to transition into the role of Startup Program Account Manager, she quickly accepted.
At MathWorks, Madeline currently works with startups directly, as well as collaborating through their partnership program – working alongside incubators and accelerators.

Nick Florek of Relish Works on the Food Tech Industry

Before joining Chicago-based startup Relish Works, Nick Florek spent six years working in strategy and innovation consulting. During his time there, he collaborated with colleagues on tough problems, challenging the status quo, and creating new things. He absolutely loved it.
When Relish Works was conceptualized, the professional relationships that he built during consulting provided him the opportunity to build something from scratch and to create a space where others could also build something.

Colin Greenhalgh of Truss on Helping Startups Find Homes

colin greenhalgh helps startups find office space in Boston
Colin Greenhalgh is a true Bostonian – born here, raised here, and continues to live here. He has been in commercial real estate for almost 11 years, primarily working in the downtown markets.
Colin joined Truss, an online marketplace for commercial real estate, in October 2018 to open their Boston office because of his continuing compassion to help startups find the right office space or coworking space for their budget and company culture. He has found that a lot of entrepreneurs who are looking for a space don’t know where to start. And he loves to be a sounding board for those entrepreneurs, supporting them in better understanding their own needs and finding space through the Truss marketplace that can serve their company’s short and longer-term goals as they grow.Colin Greenhalgh of Truss on Helping Startups Find Homes - @3Greensie3 @TrussHoldings Click To Tweet (more…)

Advice on Scaling Startup Sales Teams from Brian Christiansen at Salesforce 

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As your startup grows, so do the challenges of your sales organization. For bootstrapped or early-stage business, customer acquisition relies on unstructured, ad hoc process development and a few goal-driven hunters. Your customer value proposition and pitch are in constant flux with new features, hiring and onboarding increasingly become even more challenging (especially as you start hiring in new geographies), and customer retention takes center-stage. Sales reps need different support at each stage of your business’ evolution.
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Brand Growth and Career Growth through Public Relations: Q&A with Vanessa Boynton of Matter Communications

Vanessa Boynton, speaker at Startup Boston Week 2019
Vanessa Boynton was first drawn to the world of public relations in high school. She spent two years in a marketing course, where she fell in love with the discipline for how it blended art and psychology. 
From there, she went to school for integrated marketing communications, where she became particularly drawn to storytelling through PR. She was fascinated by the puzzle and practice of identifying exactly the right words to get a message across. 
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Larissa Rocha from Brex on Bringing a Startup from Beta to Unicorn in Six Months

Larissa Rocha, employee #1 at Brex
Larissa Rocha joined as employee number one when Brex when it was just an idea.
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However, before we can truly explore the impact Larissa has had on Brex, helping it go from beta to unicorn in 6 months, we need to pull back the curtain and understand this company’s incredible roots. Starting with the story of Henrique and Pedro, the two founders of Brex.

Resources for College Student Entrepreneurs in Boston

college student entrepreneur
With over 35 higher education institutions, Boston is a prime city for college students, and an increasingly desirable city for students who are entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs. Major industries—from education to biotechnology to fashion and fintech—are represented in the Boston startup ecosystem, and the city’s diverse offerings mean there’s opportunity for everyone, no matter where your passion lies. (more…)