Startup Boston will bring together thousands in Boston’s startup community this September 10th-14th. And we’d love to get you involved in helping the founders & startup talent here succeed. We have a number of lightning talks sessions where we’re looking for focused, 5-minute presentations (followed by 5-minutes Q&A on your topic, and some broader Q&A after all the talks):

Lessons-Learned on Startup Revenue – Many founders have great product vision / technical talent / leadership skills, but can really get tripped up by or miss opportunities in the nuts & bolts of their cashflow & financial operations. We’re looking for presentations about a specific mechanic that impacts revenue and can really make a difference for startups to get right early or as they start to scale.

Competitive Advantages Through Code – We’re looking for presentations that dig into creating algorithm-driven products, truly novel software, or taking a new technology / paradigm (e.g. blockchain, VR) and using them to disrupt incumbents. Building startups that actually have superior tech — not just tech-as-plumbing for a business competing on positioning & marketing.

Creating Unfair Marketing Advantages for B2C Startups – We’re looking for startup marketing leaders who are up for sharing knowledge about a tactic, process, or channel that’s particularly good for consumer startups.

What’s Next: Emerging Trends in Tech – The target audience for this session is serial entrepreneurs looking for their next opportunity, and investors & analysts looking to stay on top of the changing landscape. What’s emerging now within tech that’s going to create a significant number of new opportunities for startups over the next few years? We’re looking for technologists, investors, and researchers with a credible depth of experience to back their predictions.

How Startups are Overcoming the Senior Developer Hiring Crunch – Every growing company says this is one of their top challenges. What’s a way you’ve handled it that others can learn from? We’re looking for talks from engineering or people operations leaders about things like upskilling your existing employees or otherwise creating additional capacity / capability from existing teams, tapping into new talent pools, or more effectively competing for your desired candidates.

Have a talk idea that would be a great fit for one of these sessions? Tell us about it here.