Featured Speakers

Angela Liu
Associate Director, Hack.Diversity and Community, NEVCA
Melissa Leffler
VP of Engineering, Drift
Nimit Sawhney
Co-founder & CEO, Voatz
Kathy Nolan
Corporate Attorney & Client Service Manager, Shoobx
Adrian Mendoza
Founder & General Partner, Mendoza Ventures
Hannah Perry
Program Director, MassChallenge
Becca Van Nederynen
Head of People Ops, Help Scout
Larissa Rocha
Employee #1, Brex
Emma Baumgartner
Manager of Finance & Operations, Mentor Collective
Michelle Carazas
Founder, Host Drinks
Jennifer Paxton
Director of Talent & People Ops, Privy
Lindsay Ladd
Founder & CEO, EmpirEqual
Hannah Riggs
Software Engineer, Cambridge Blockchain
Matt Brand
Head of Engineering, CozyKin
Nabiha Saklayen, Ph.D.
Co-founder & CEO, Cellino
Ben Jabbawy
Founder & CEO, Privy
Cristina Costa
Biz Dev, Diversity & Inclusion Lead, Quattrocero
Alex Zavorski
VP Product Management, CloudZero
Tom Hazel
Molly Walter
Business Program Manager, University Recruiting, Microsoft
Silvia Tower
Co-founder & CEO, Conscioux
Aaron O'Hearn
Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Techstars Boston
Simone LaPray
Program Manager, TiE Boston
Andrew Bialecki
Founder & CEO, Klaviyo
Christopher Swenor
Co-founder & CEO, Alacris Protocol
Leah Knobler
Talent & Culture Lead, Help Scout
Pete Karl II
VP of Product & Engineering, WEVO Conversion
Aubrie Przybysz
Referral Hiring Expert, Drafted
Bryanne Leeming
Founder & CEO, Unruly Studios
Ted Tieken
Founder & CEO, Keto and Co
Evy Chen
Founder, Evy Tea
Kevin Fanning
Talent Acquisition Manager, Notarize
Amy Spurling
Co-founder & CEO, Compt
Julie Pridham
Director of Human Resources, Kyruus
Adrienne Barnard
Director of People Operations, ASICS Digital
Lauren Abda
Founder, Branchfood
Chris Reisig
Operating Partner, Jungle Ventures
John Davagian
Chief Revenue Officer, Salsify
Jacq Rivard
People Operations Lead, CozyKin
Andy Singleton
Cofounder, Humandb.ai and Founder & CEO, AboveBoard
Alison Aldrich
VP of Partnerships, Privy
Graham Walters
Chief People Officer, DraftKings
Vivien Eliasoph
Account Manager, Wisita
Michael Goldenberg
Head of Sales, Alyce
Colleen Miller
Senior Director of Product Management, Toast
Gabriela McManus
SVP of People Ops, Drizly
Laurie Long
VP of Customer Success, Allego
Jennifer McPhilimy
Head of Product & User Experience, Shoobx
Rachel Bates
SVP of Sales & Marketing, Workable
Hannah Russin
EMO, Embark Veterinary
Scott Barnett
Founder & CEO, Meetaway
Jesse Bardo
VP of Early Stage, Silicon Valley Bank
Mike Brown
Co-founder & CEO, nDash.co
Vanessa Boynton
Account Director, Matter Communications
Emma Brudner
Director of People Ops, Lola.com
Tara Griesbach
Head of Technical Talent, Devoted Health
Lori Russo
Head of Talent Acquisition, Salsify
Timi Dayo-kayode
Founder, Worksense
Chandra Briggman
Director, Venture Cafe Cambridge
Julianna Sheridan
Account Manager, Matter Communications
Kaileigh Higgins
Account Executive, Matter Communications
Sarah Silvestriadis
Account Executive, Matter Communications
Terry Roulic
VP of Finance, BitSight Technologies
Mark Gilbert
Director, Loan Organization, Espresso Capital
Susan Rice
Head of Product Design & Research, Toast
Ross Palley
General Manager, Venture Lane and Program Manager, Founder Institute
David Chang
CEO, Gradifi
Dena Upton
VP of People, Drift
Maggie Crowley
Director of Product Management, Drift
Jenni Goodman
Community Manager, Underscore VC
Mark Bernfeld
Entrepreneur & Angel Investor
Allison Sproul
Head of Recruitment & HR, CozyKin
Janine Allo, Ed.D.
Chief People & Culture Officer, ezCater
Eliza Petrow
General Manager, Chain Reaction Boston
Lara Cavezza
Product Design Manager, ezCater
Clement Cazalot
Managing Director, Techstars Boston
Oliver Sanchez
Managing Partner, AccelHUB and CEO & Co-founder, Kestrel Agritech
Gayatri Sarkar
Founder, She-VC
Benjamin Spear
Design Coach & Advisor
Vishal Sunak
Co-founder & CEO, LinkSquares
Adriana Mallozzi
Founder & CEO, Puffin Innovations
Will Johnson
Founder & CTO, Attivio
Dorit Zilbershot
Chief Product Officer, Attivio
Ignacio Castro
Boston Managing Director, Founder Institute
Zuzana Giertlova
Solutions Architect, Attivio
Tanya Thompson
Director of Marketing, Frase
Bruce Tannenbaum
Manager of Product Marketing, MathWorks
Jean Hammond
General Partner, LearnLaunch Accelerator
Andie Missert
Marketing Manager, Rocketbook
Artur Sousa
Founder & CEO, Adopets
Sarah Downey
Principal, Accomplice VC
Scott Caras
Managing Director, Breakaway Ventures
Rob Go
Cofounder & Partner, NextView Ventures
Madeline Keulen
Vice President, Victress Capital
Stacy Garcia
CEO, LebaTex
Christina Samaha
Head of Growth, Folia Health
Kendall Tucker
Founder & CEO, Polis
Nick Florek
Director of Strategy & Operations, The Food Foundry
Lydia Bowers
People and Culture Lead, Spyce Food Co.
Pardees Safizadeh
Founder & CEO, Refraktor
Aaron Sherman
Founder & CEO, Storyboard That
Katie Langerman
Senior UI/UX Engineer, CarGurus
Layla Lynn
Chief Product Officer & Co-founder, Ace-Up
Manasi Vora
Head of Product Strategy, Nebulous
Todd Garland
Founder & CEO, BuySellAds
Deirdre Neufeld
Founder & CEO, Vybz
Nathan Johnson
Associate Research Scientist in Bioinformatics and Data Analysis, Harvard Medical School
Ophir Gaathon
Cofounder & CEO, DUST Identity
Phil Greenwald
CEO & Founder, Implicity
Hiren Patel
DevOps Engineer Co-op, True Fit Corporation
Juan Macias
CTO & Cofounder, Sixpence
Ryan MacInnis
Director of Marketing, Notarize
Cait Porte
SVP Product & Customer Experience, Zmags
Laura DiMichele
HR Generalist, Wistia
Carrie Walecka
Senior Director, Global Talent Acquisition, Brightcove
Waikit Lau
Advisor & Investor
Nareg Khoshafian
Mobile Product Manager, Appcues
Debbie Kenny
VP of Marketing & Customer Success, Virtudent
Lynne Zagami
Head of Customer Success, Shoobx
Sanjeev Banerji
Head of Engineering, Ellevation Education
Kathryn Rose
Founder & CEO, wiseHer
Erin Webster
Director of Marketing, Lose It!
Andre Rocha
Investor, Glasswing Ventures
Melissa Withers
Managing Partner & Cofounder, RevUp Capital
Kristen Roffi
Enterprise Account Executive, Valor Performance
Alasdair McLean-Foreman
CEO, Teikametrics
Parul Singh
Principal, Founder Collective
Vanessa Ferranto
VP of Digital Products, Spartan Race
Sapna Tyagi
VP of Product, Virtudent
Niari Keverian
Innovation Manager, Ocean Spray Cranberries
Stephanie Rowe
Founder & CEO, Joulez
Josh Band
Founder, Plate Crate
Brian White
Director of Customer Experience, Drizly
Bryce DelGrande
Customer Success, Shoobx
Margaret Olson
CTO, BevSpot
Chase Garbarino
Cofounder & CEO, HqO
Michelle Rosen
Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering Design, Harvard
Colin Greenhalgh
Regional Senior VP, Truss
Peter Maglathlin
Cofounder & CFO, Trade Hounds
Bobbie Carlton
Founder, Innovation Nights & Innovation Women
Henry White
Venture Partner, Good Growth Capital
Olivia Kantyka
Senior Board Member, Founder+Co
Allyson Barr
Chief Marketing Officer, Attivio
Ben Bungert
Director of Operations, LearnLaunch Accelerator
Jordyn Bonds
Cofounder & CEO, TallyLab
Stephanie Castanos
Relationship Manager, Resilient Coders
Sean MacPherson
Customer Success Leader, Alyce
Meredith McPherron
Venture Partner, Glasswing Ventures
Scott Piltch
Director of Community Outreach & Social Media, The Buzz
Vinayak Ranade
CEO, Drafted
Diana Yuan
Cofounder & VP of Talent and Operations, Indico Data Solutions
Tommy Barth
Manager of Talent Acquisition, Wayfair
Will Foussier
CEO & Cofounder, AceUp
Eliza LaJoie
Product Lead, Mentor Collective
Pei Xiong Liu
Engineering Team Lead, Jebbit
Joe Daniels
Partner, McCarter & English
Henry Dubin
Regional VP of Growth Business, Salesforce
Jess Mays
Head of Family Experience, CozyKin
Stacy Justino
Director of Customer Happiness, Wistia
Ben Hron
Partner, McCarter & English
Andy Cohen
PhD Student, Harvard Microrobotics Lab
Kirsten Robinson
Adjunct Faculty Member, Bentley University
Rachel O'Neil
Chief People Officer, BonBillo
Courtney Pallott
VP Marketing, ClearSky Data
Christian Magel
Member, Launchpad Venture Group
Erik Bullen
Angel Investor & Advisor
Alden Do Rosario
Angel Investor, TIE Boston Angels
Sooah Cho
Investor, Underscore VC
TJ Mahony
Partner, Accomplice VC
Aymeric Vigneras
CEO & Co-founder, OpenFrame
Allin Bond Jr.
Enterprise New Business, Quick Base
Robert Shapiro
Co-founder & CEO, SPLITFIT
Piyali Mukherjee
Cognitive Software Engineer, IBM Watson Health
Janice Dru
Senior Marketing Director, CIC
Lauren Mecca
Senior Director of Customer Success, Talla
Sarah Baker
VP of Success, Polis
Melissa James
President, Founder & CEO, The Tech Connection
Daniel Rodriguez
Head of Marketing, Alyce
Annika Morgan
Co-founder & COO, About Fresh
Peter Lysiak
VP of Customer Success, Midaxo
Kelly McStay
Head of Product, Fairmarkit
Rahkeem Morris
Co-founder & CEO, SYRG
Caty Rea
Investor, Highland Capital Partners
Luigi Testa
Sr. Dir. of Strategic Finance & Corporate Development, Building Engines
Ashley Welch
Director of Service, Lola
Mark Hutchins
Founder, Curious & Wise